45 years of combined experience has shaped this marketing & branding agency.

It means movement.
It means passion.
It means progress.

Motus Creative Group is a Nashville based branding agency focused on digital marketing and podcast production. Through this focus we enhance and advance the message and profitability of our partners by creating a client experience that is measurable, scalable, and, most importantly, can build long term customer engagement.

The services offered by Motus Creative Group can fall under three main categories: marketing, podcast production, and branding. Under these categories falls a plethora of offerings, including: content production, brand design, copywriting, video production, graphic design, lead generation, marketing strategy, messaging, executive coaching, PR, social media management, web design, etc…

At Motus Creative Group we describe our marketing and branding agency services as solutions, and those solutions arm our partners with long term value and long term success. Our solutions also offer our partners education and understanding to our methods and approach. All of our marketing services are implemented with specific intent, the result of in-depth analysis and systematic review of data. At Motus Creative Group, data points the direction and the creative leads the journey.

mōtus m (genitive mōtūs); fourth declension. A movement, motion. (by extension) An advance, progress. (figuratively) A movement, operation, impulse, passion; disturbance; sensation.

Marketing Strategy


This Nashville Marketing Agency offers a full suite of hosting, web design, and web development solutions for organizations of all sizes to capitalize on digital marketing.

Branding Services


Our branding services include everything to define your audience and focus your aesthetic. Our branding services can be comprised of messaging, logo design, collateral design.

Podcast Production


Podcasts are one of the best ways to connect with listeners and show were your values overlap. This Nashville marketing agency provides podcast production with an added bonus…video!


The Motus Team

The core of the Motus team comprises years of marketing and branding agency experience spanning multiple industries and project assignments. This team has had the privilege of building multiple skillsets and wearing multiple hats to provide the highest quality marketing for our clients and partners.

Christopher James Foust
Christopher James Foust
Founder & CMO
Todd Schlosser
Todd Schlosser
Founder, CCO
Christopher James Foust - Headshot

Christopher James Foust

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Christopher James Foust is a co-founder and the Chief Marketing Officer of Motus Creative Group. He brings over 12 years of experience helping organizations of all sizes connect with their ideal clients, tell their story, and do more good in the world through effective branding. Christopher has experience working with clients from the entertainment, retail, healthcare, fitness, and personal brand spaces. His background spans multiple disciplines including graphic design, web-design, audio production, data analytics reporting, and branding. Christopher is also a co-founder in the outdoor apparel brand Trail+Lingo, as well as a board member of the Nashville boxing non-profit organization, The Boxing Resource Center.

Todd Schlosser

Todd Schlosser

Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer

Todd has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and customer service, specializing in social media management, podcasting, and video production. Todd works in tandem with the creative departments to develop social media strategies that promote brand awareness and increases engagement. He is responsible for all video production needs, from interviews to editing. Todd’s career also includes an extensive background in call center, and customer service training and management, both at Sprint and Verizon. His love of social media began at Twitch, a hub for gamers to interact and stream. Todd is an experienced long-distance runner and an avid podcaster.

Motus Creative Group.
Nashville’s Premier
Marketing &.
Branding Agency.

Our marketing and branding agency has one goal in mind, and that is to provide our clients with value. Value can mean different things to different people, but for us it’s about affecting the bottom line for customers. We make this positive affect through utilizing unique and creative approaches, and understanding that every brand has it’s own voice and path to success.

We utilize a co-creator model to work with clients of all sizes. This approach allows us the ability to form independent marketing teams around each project, keeping output high and costs low. This translates into additional leads and more nimble movements when pivoting is necessary, something most marketing and branding agencies can’t afford to do.

If you’re curious how Motus Creative Group can work with you and your team, let’s dig into what makes your brand you and how we can expand that brand’s reach. Please email us here or contact us via the contact page.

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